Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter invites you to attend the 148th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society – Communicating the Science of Fisheries Conservation to Diverse Audiences.  The meeting will take place in Atlantic City, New Jersey from August ...

Offshore Wind Implementation Summit

Offshore Wind Implementation 2018 will be held Sept. 5-7 in Teaneck, New Jersey. The event will bring state and federal regulators and policymakers together with leading offshore wind leaseholders and developers to explore the paths to offshore wind ...

Webinar: Mapping Marine Life on the East Coast

Join us Sept. 28 at 11 a.m. for a special tour of roughly 3,000 interactive maps depicting fish, birds and marine mammals on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portals. Building upon data released in 2016, the Portal teams and Marine-life Data an...

2018 OCEANS Conference and Exhibition

The 2018 OCEANS Conference and Exhibition will be held in Charleston, South Carolina, on Oct. 22-25. OCEANS is a bi-annual event for global marine technologists, engineers, students, government officials, lawyers, and advocates.

2018 Esri Ocean GIS Forum

The Esri Ocean GIS Forum is a forum to share new data collection methods or research, contributing to the future of Ocean GIS. Attendees will discuss ways multi-dimensional data and web apps can help people put scientific information to work in their...

Coastal GeoTools 2019

Coastal GeoTools 2019 will be held Feb. 11-14 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Coastal GeoTools conference, established in 1999, is typically held every two years and focuses on geospatial data, tools, technology, and information for coastal resourc...