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This page offers a list of instructional materials and resources for users interested in learning more about our tools and data. Users can also visit our Data Catalog for explanations about any specific map layer.

The Portal is continually under development with new data and features to meet our users’ needs. We encourage users to visit the Portal News blog regularly for details about the latest site updates and see our Calendar page for upcoming sessions of our How Tuesday instructional webinar series.

General: The Portal & its Tools

Export demonstration

Data Guides by Topic (alphabetical order)

Acidification monitoring data overview

Department of Defense data overview

Fishing data

Human Use Data Synthesis (HUDS) project & maps overview – May 2016 webinar

Marine Life data:

NASCA undersea cables map data summary

Oceanography map data overview

Recreation -- summary of state-by-state map data

Regional Ocean Assessment (ROA) overview – March 2016 webinar

Communities at sea and canyons