Groups are an opportunity to share information and resources with like-minded ocean users. Create or join a map group that interests you — and invite your colleagues! Maps and drawings can be saved and shared through your group with other registered Portal users.

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Member Groups

Maryland Training June 2017

Shared resources for the Portal training sessions at Anne Arundel CC, 6/14/17

NJ Portal Training July 2017

Shared resources for the Portal training sessions at Rutgers University on 7/27/17.

Port Republic Demo

A place for participants in the 8/7/18 Portal session to share maps

Delaware State Training Nov. 2017

Shared resources for the Portal state training session in Delaware on 11/17/17.

2018 Exploring Local Waters: Hudson Canyon

A space for participants in the April 2018 WCS professional development course to share maps and resources.

Hudson Canyon

A place to share maps focused on the Hudson Canyon area

BY 442

This is a marine spatial planning exercise for BY442 Natural Resources and Conservation


Wind Energy Team, NJ DEP, Marine Fisheries Administration


This group is for people to practice using the Portal's cool Draw Feature by creating and sharing their own drawings of sea creatures! Best drawings are eligible for fabulous prizes in 3 categories: Whimsical, Realistic and Artistic. Please use the draw feature's "Name" and "Description" boxes to tell us something about your drawing and (optionally) your name or pseudonym!

2017 Exploring Local Waters: Hudson Canyon

A space for participants in the Wildlife Conservation Society's April 17 course "Exploring Local Waters: Hudson Canyon" to share resources.

NY Training January 2018

Shared resources for the New York state Portal training session on 1/19/18

DOD Training Sept. 2017

A space to share resources for the 9/12/17 training session in Norfolk.

H.S. South Marine Class

Designed to be used in class for High School South Marine Science

Virginia Training September 2017

Shared resources for the Sept. 29 Portal training session in Richmond, VA.

Fall 2018 Marine Applications of GIS

This group was created for students of Monmouth University's fall 2018 Marine Applications of GIS (GIS 336) course to share files



Community Roundtable

A general group for exploring a variety of ocean use conflicts.

MU SC170

This is for a Monmouth University Oceanography class.

AIS Data Demonstration - 12/11/2018

Quick links to facilitate discussion

Mapping at Jenk's

A place for participants of the American Littoral Society event "Planning and Mapping in Our Busy Mid-Atlantic Ocean" to share their work. 7/20/18 at Jenkinson's Aquarium