Discover tips and tricks with How Tuesday

Created to support new and experienced Portal users, How Tuesday webinars are a great place to discover tips and find answers to your ocean mapping questions from Portal team members and your colleagues through out the Mid-Atlantic Ocean region.

Scan through a selection of our recent recordings below or check our calendar for details on upcoming live webinars. For our full archive of webinars and other Portal videos, visit our YouTube Channel (more recent videos) or our Vimeo page (older videos).

June 2018 How Tuesday: Communities at Sea & Fishing Data

January 2018 How Tuesday

Our Jan. 9 open tutorial provides on introductory tour of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal.

October 2017 How Tuesday: Coastal and Ocean Acidification

Our Oct. 24 How Tuesday webinar covered the Portal’s seven coastal and ocean acidification monitoring sites maps and featured an informative discussion about the issue in the Mid-Atlantic.

July 2017: Mapping Risk in the Mid-Atlantic

Our July 11 webinar showcased online mapping tools in the Mid-Atlantic that illustrate risks posed to coastal areas, such as flooding, severe storms and sea level rise.

May 2017: How Tu Use Marine Planner's Tools

Our May 16, 2017, webinar covered how to use Marine Planner's many tools -- drawings, bookmarks, the Active tab, Portal Groups, the ArcGIS Service Input Tool, and more.

November 2016 How Tuesday: Marine Life Data

Watch as we unveil the Portal’s new Marine Life Library of approximately 3,000 map layers depicting individual species of fish, birds and marine mammals in the Mid-Atlantic. The webinar demonstrates how to search the library and tours the Portal’s previously existing collection of marine life maps.

August 2016 How Tuesday

Get a 101 lesson on ‘How Tu’ use the Portal with this 8/9/16 webinar hosted by Portal Team member Karl Vilacoba.

June 2016 How Tuesday: Communities at Sea & Fishing Data

Take a guided online tour of the Portal’s “Communities at Sea” maps and other data related to commercial and recreational fishing in the region with our June 21, 2016, webinar. The session was hosted by Portal Technical Lead Jay Odell of The Nature Conservancy with Karl Vilacoba of the Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute.

May 2016 How Tuesday: The HUDS & the Portal

Our May 3, 2016, webinar focused on the Human Use Data Synthesis (HUDS) project, which created a collection of map layers that depict the many places and ways that people interact with the Mid-Atlantic Ocean. HUDS project lead Melanie Schroeder Gearon of the consulting firm RPS ASA shared her insights on the project and provided a tour of the new data on the Portal. Click here to read our blog article about the HUDS and here to download the project final report.

April 2016 Webinar: The Marine Life & Data Analysis Team (MDAT) Project

Marine Life Data and Analysis Team (MDAT) project lead Professor Patrick Halpin of the Duke University Geospatial Ecology Lab shares his insights on the MDAT effort in this April 5, 2016, webinar. The data will soon take the form of several new maps on this site and other regional ocean data portals.

March 2016 How Tuesday: The ROA & the Portal

Guest hosts Peter Taylor of Waterview Consulting and Emily Schumchenia of E&C Enviroscape led a guided tour of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Assessment (ROA) and its links to the Portal during our March 8 “How Tuesday” webinar.