Fishing: Commercial fishing activity (VTR)

Map layers developed using aggregated records from NOAA's Fishing Vessel Trip Report and permit databases in consultation with commercial fishing stakeholders to illustrate the distribution and importance of commercial fishing activity by diverse communities (port, vessel type and gear group combinations). Additional attributes collected through stakeholder engagement may include information about the specific socio-economic value of fishing locations to communities. 

Source: NOAA-NMFS, developed in consultation with Portal Team's commercial fishery advisory group. 

Status: Data under development 

Contact: Rick Lathrop, Rutgers CRSSA 

Notes: Data developed using "Communities at Sea" mapping approach. Draft maps produced and currently under review by fishing industry contacts. Development of additional map layers to address key gaps including state managed fisheries will begin July 2014. Additional potential data sources include NOAA's Vessel Monitoring System, state agency collected data and participatory mapping projects with fishermen.